Cheer for live fictional sports, create a real life impact

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Our mission

To deliver positive experiences by merging innovative technology with audio entertainment. 

About us

Fayble is an emerging technology startup that is creating a brand-new category of audio entertainment for commuters. Fayble pushes boundaries by merging the latest AI technology with sports broadcasting! Headquartered in Berkeley, CA, Fayble was founded in 2016 and launched their service in March 2019. 

What we do

We stand by all you angry, nervous, and frustrated drivers stuck in traffic every evening. We believe fun shouldn’t start when traffic ends. It starts when you hop into your car with Fayble’s electrifying, interactive AI-generated sports games! Using artificial intelligence (AI) with real broadcast personalities, Fayble is creating an interactive audio experience to have commuters literally "cheering" all the way home for regional teams, and their sponsored charities. 

Live games

Twelve regional teams, equipped with imaginative storylines, compete in each of three sports: football, basketball, and baseball, and many more to come. Each regional team corresponds to a group of states or regions in the United States. Four condensed games, each thirty minutes long, air nationwide on weekdays from 2:00pm to 5:00pm PST/5:00PM - 8:00PM EST on! Games are also broadcasted live on AM 1580 in San Francisco East Bay’s MacArthur Maze.

Video explanation



How cheering works

When you’re a true Fayble sports fan, your cheers matter. You’re not just another crazy fan helplessly yelling into the void for your team to win. Your support makes you anther player on Fayble teams. Our cheering function allows you to cheer for a team every 30 seconds and for as many teams as you love! Each cheer increases the winning odds of your team. The team with the greatest number of cheers will have the best change to win the game and win the gift for its selected charity or nonprofit organization. Go cheer! Make a difference for your team and millions of people!




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